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The Beach Isn’t Just for Summer Anymore!
The Beach Isn’t Just for Summer Anymore!

Enjoy life at the beach this winter in one of Franciscan’s cozy ski cabins.

Life on the Lake Tahoe beach is grand, we won’t lie to you. Although the summer months are great, with long sunny days spent basking  on the shores of Lake Tahoe, we here at Franciscan Lakeside Lodge, want to remind you that the beach isn’t just for summer anymore! Enjoy life on the beach at our Tahoe resort in the summer and in the winter!

Snowball fight on the shores of Lake Tahoe

Two words: snowball fights.

You never know how competitive you really are until a soft ball of snow hits you unexpectedly. The beach at our Tahoe winter resort offers a great place to have epic snowball battles, with  unobstructed views and  plenty of snow. Stage an all-out battle with your family, or maybe just toss a few at your partner if the impulse strikes.

Do you want to build a snowman?

Well, we have the perfect conditions for you. Build the perfect snowman on The Franciscan’s long, flat beach.  You can rest assured knowing that your snowman will have the best views in the house at The Franciscan.Kids building a snowman on the Tahoe beach

Cross-country ski, snowshoe,

Franciscan Lodge in Lake Tahoe offers a large private beach so that you can snowshoe or cross-country ski right out your door.  For more variety, you can make your way across the street to the Tahoe Regional Park, which has miles of groomed trails.

Wintertime offers breathtaking views too!

Lake Tahoe is calm, lending a sense of peacefulness to the beach. The sunsets are off the hook too! Fiery skies reflect off of the snow in the mountains, and the deep blue of the lake gets bluer as the sky darkens. It is truly a unique experience to weather the cold and enjoy a beautiful sunset on the pier. Add some hot chocolate in a travel mug and your camera, and boom, you’re all set!

The Franciscan wants to remind you that the beach isn’t just for summer anymore. We want you to enjoy all that our Tahoe winter resort has to offer, book today!

Snowy benches on the dock at Franciscan Lakeside Lodge



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